Welcome to our paperwork page; naturally this is where we keep the paperwork.  You may have been sent here by a member of our team and if so please print the following documents, fill them out, and return them along with the photocopies of the documents required on the I-9 form.


Thank you for your interest in our company!  If you would like to apply, please email a paragraph or two about yourself and what you can bring to our team and our culture here at Brunelleschi's to jobs@brunossuperior.com.





Direct Deposit


Once you've finished your paperwork you can being training on our Point of Sale system using the link below.  IF you would like to do the training without finishing your paperwork first, that is fine.  If you are simply clicking through pages on our site and would like to know more about our Point of Sale system, you are more than welcome to train on it too!


Harbortouch POS Training  






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